Mehron Makeup Tri-Color Halloween Makeup Palette (Skeleton)

$ 9.99


Mehron Makeup Tri-Color Halloween Makeup Palette (Skeleton)

Each of our Tri-Color Palettes contains three colors of our professional cream makeup to create the character pictured on the blister card. Each card comes with detailed instructions on how to apply the makeup and also lists items that will complement the character you are creating. As with any professional cream makeup, Mehron’s Tri-Color palette Makeup should be “set” with Colorset Powder. Available in a variety of characters. Remove with Makeup Remover followed by soap and water.

How to Use

Apply with a foundation brush or our Face Smoothie Sponge in a patting motion and smooth out to desired contour and highlight areas. Avoid pulling or stretching the skin. Gently apply around the eye area where the skin is very thin and delicate.

  • Tri-color paint pallet with black, white and light blue
  • Makeup applier included
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Excellent coverage, enough for several applications
  • Perfect color combinations


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