Are you tired of going from store to store trying to find the perfect Skull make-up kit to match your bad ass costume??? Are you friends telling you that is easier for Indiana Jones to get the crystal skull, than for you to find the make up you need?? Relax and stop by, here you will find all the make-up you need to look like a real skull.


Are you looking for the perfect Skull make-up kit for the Halloween night of the Day of the dead traditions?

As it si well known, Day of the dead celebration is one of the most important commemorative ways of pay tribute to dead. Therefore, so many people use make-up to paint their faces and recreate the famous Sugar Skull make-up. As result, there are so many online step by step tutorials of how to design the perfect Sugar Skull face for Halloween and Day of the dead festival.

On the other hand, Halloween is not a celebration to commemorate dead, but it is a celebration where costumes are the way to identify ourselves depending on the type of costume we use. Nothing better than a well make-up face so the costume we have is according to it. Of course, Skulls are what we love, so a skull face is what we need to have.

Day of the Dead FestivalBetween all these make-up kits, the only thing that you need it will be the matching skull costume. For sure if you use a big black cap or wear all black, you will look like a fantastic Design of skull, as simple as looking Dark Skull art.

There it si all our collection of make-up kits, so you can use to make of your celebration the best Halloween of 2019 and become a make artist among your friends.

Once you are done with the selection of the perfect make-up kit, take a look of the other skull products that we have in your favorite store, so you can complete your Skull selectio


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